Sunday, August 20, 2017

Updated Resources for the #ATCswap

When launching the #ATCswap last week there were a couple slides where I had to put... 'Coming Soon' because I wanted to record videos to better explain our the trade to everyone.  When purchasing the Artist Trading Card 'lesson', you get a checklist of for the trade as well as a Google Slide which is a living document that will continue to grow.

This morning I added a video for teachers.  This is a 'one-sided' video conversation explaining how the trade works 'teacher to teacher'. I hope it helps with any questions you might have when participating in the #ATCswap.  Here is a shortened version of the video....

If you want to sign up for the #ATCswap, please visit this previous post (click here)

Friday, August 18, 2017

The official Artist Trading Card Sign up!!

Here it is... the official sign up for the 2018 Artist Trading Card Swap.  We have had such great participation the last couple of years that I know that this is going to be the best trade yet. New to this year there is a small charge to cover the postage.  The packages in the USA are a little lower than the $10.00 I'm asking for this year, however, the International packages are much more.  This $10.00 fee will help bring more ATC's from all over the world.

I made a claim that there can only be 100 cards in a trade... After your feedback, I have raised that number up to 200 ATC's in a trade.  If you still have more students that you would like to participate, you can purchase a 'multiple licenses' on TpT for a discounted rate of $8.00. This would mean you will send a second package.

Here is what you get in the Artist Trading Card Swap purchase on my Teacher Pay Teachers site.  You will get a check list with all the instructions needed for a successful trade. You will also get a Google Slide that is a live document.  This means the already 30 slides will continue to grow as new resources are shared via social media. 


If you are planning to join us this year, please consider the following before purchasing.  
  • The deadline that I need to receive your cards by is February 1st, 2018
  • I will have the cards back in the mail by March 1st, 2018.
  • You will be asked to include a self-addressed, bubble wrap enforced manilla envelope in your trade.
  • I can not give refunds if you are unable to participate.  I also can not take responsibility for lost or damaged Artist Trading Cards. 
I just want to be as open as I can so that you are informed as you purchase the right to participate in this Artist Trading Card Swap. I'm so excited!!! I hope you are too. 

To learn more about this swap, please look at last year trade day post... or more generally, have fun scrolling through over 100 posts all about Artist Trading Cards!  

Monday, August 14, 2017

Day 15, 2017: #Reflect13

I'm excited to take part in the #k12ArtChallenge this month.  This month we are throwing out some prompts to help start a conversation about our profession and our upcoming school year. 

I have chosen a quote from "The Book of Joy" by Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu. The quote is... 

"Wherever you have friends, that's your country, and wherever you receive love, that's your home."

This quote is so strong in my world this year as I make a change from another amazing staff to join a new school.  I have had so many great experiences... I have belonged to so many amazing 'countries'.  Rogers Elementary (2004-2010) is my home 'country'.  There I made mistakes, learned how to teach, and was mentored by others more experienced than I. At Rogers Middle School (2010-2013) the 'countries' dynamic changed and so did my coworker's lessons for me.  I learned how to see what is important and love the students for the diverse people that they are. I looked to my fellow teachers and learned how to be scheduled and mellow, and how to have fun with the unique perspective of the middle level. My most recent 'country' that I lived in was Hassan Elementary (2013-2017). This environment gave me immense joy again.  I was surrounded by new teachers and they provided me with humor, wonder, and the will to get better. I was immersed in Yoga Calm, great wisdom, and understanding from the teachers and staff who have equal or greater amount of work experience. Now I wait at the door of my a new country, Prairie View Elementary and Middle school. This country is like no other I have ever entered before.  It's new territory for all of us.  We will all, staff and students, enter the doors in the next couple weeks as immigrants all coming from different parts of the world.  HOW EXCITING!! We will create new traditions, new experiences for our students, new learning.  I have no doubt that these people will become my friends... and I will receive love from them.  Yep, my work place can be 'home'.  

Please reflect on this question today... Day 15th of #Reflect31.  

Where is your country? Can your work place be your home??

Listen to my video prompt below (and forgive my sore throat). Be sure to post on Social Media using the hashtag #Reflect31 and/or #k12ArtChallenge... Be sure to tag me as well, 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

2018 Artist Trading Card Swap

I have been getting lots of emails about the Artist Trading Card Swap this year.  I'm happy to say, YES!! We are continuing with our 3rd Annual Artist Trading Card Swap!! There will be some changes this year.

1) You might notice that we skipped 2017. I usually have the cards due to me by November. This works out well for me, however not so great for Dan, my pal at our local Post Office.  Dan has explained to me mailing our packages back to all of you before Chrismas is not so great because they are working overtime with Holiday packages. Adding another 100 plus packages onto their plate is not what I want to do. So, instead, we will be moving the due date back to 2018.  

2) This year there is a small fee for participation. In the past, I have fundraised to send back all the packages to the participants. Last year that was close to $800.00. Totally worth it, however, I had several participants offer postage or money. They explained that they appreciate the trade and are willing to help out. By doing this, my fundraising money can go back to my students in the form of an Artist in Residence. 

3) Each package will be capped at 100 cards.  That doesn't mean that you can't participate if you have less... you can.  If you have more you can still participate as well.  You would simply purchase the package plus.  This will look like a second lesson on TpT.... in short, it simply gets you another 10 ATC's in the trade. The packages with over 100 were very hard to manage and I feel often received the wrong number in return. By keeping the packages small, I feel I will be more successful at being accurate with the trade.

4) I will run a separate ATC swap for teachers. To reduce the confusion of cards. There will be a Teacher ATC lesson plan to purchase for a lower rate.  You will send that to me in its own envelope. 

What will stay??
  • All ages can participate.
  • Emphasis on High-Quality Cards
  • Cards will be wrapped in groups of 10 with information about the cards available. 
  • A strict deadline.
  • A way to connect your students to others all over the world. 
  • A way to connect a strong #PLN (Professional Learning Network) amongst teachers
Today is the announcement that there will be a trade this year. I am working on the packet that will include EVERYTHING you should need for a successful trade including video lesson, lots of inspiration resources, and all the instructions needed for this year's trade. I will be posting the package on Teacher Pay Teachers and on this blog on August 18th... one week from today. 

I need your help!!

In my packet, I would like to give as many samples of Artist Trading Cards that I can.  If you have a post or a video that you are willing to share to our ATC community, with full credit... would you please send me those links?? Even if you have already sent me them before.  I would like to include a variety of cards for inspiration. 

Send the following information to
  • Your name, and any contact information (Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Vine, blog...)
  • Your link(s) of images, instructions, or videos
By doing this you are agreeing to share your content on the Artist Trading Card Swap resources. You know me... I'm all about collaboration! Can't wait to see what you share.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Introduction to Sketchnoting

In May, I posted on Instagram that I was recording for The Art Ed Now conference. I was so excited to present on something new to me... sketchnotes.  I should rephrase that... I have done sketchnotes my whole life, in my classes, at conferences,  in meetings... I used sketchnotes all the time. I have not brought this skill into my classroom up until now. 

The Art of Education always puts on an amazing conference and I have been honored to be part of it for the last 9 conferences. This one was record breaking, says Tim Bogatz of the Art of Education in his recap post. It was so much fun presenting on this subject because there were several participants that created sketchnotes for the rest of the conference.

I'm really excited to be working in the middle school this next year.  I have never worked with 6th grade and with a job change, I will be for the 2017/18 school year.  How exciting! Even better is the fact that 6-12th grade will have 1:1 chrome books!  My lessons are going to be flipped, organized, and online for students to access.  My 6th graders will be working on the national standards specifically responding and connecting using sketchnotes.  Before they can do that... they need to know what sketchnotes are.

I have created the first Unit of this study... my hope is after students have completed this unit of study, they will be able to sketchnote during the creative process, and during my lessons.  Who knows... maybe even outside of the art room.  In fact, this lesson is designed for any teacher who would like to give their students another tool for obtaining information in a way that allows them to connect with the content in a deeper way.

Here is an example of one of the eight videos in this Introduction to Sketchnoting...

After students watch this short video, they are invited to do a challenge. This is using one page in their sketchbook/notebook to practice the skills discussed in this section of the lesson.  Eight videos... Eight challenges.


You can present this lesson to your students in so many ways.  If you are a Seesaw School... You can share this via Seesaw.  Schoology school? Share it on Schoology.  Your school does not have technology in all the kid's hands?? No problem.  This is designed so that you, the teacher, can use it in a group learning situation.  Because these videos are so short, you could share this at the beginning of class for a warm up or at the end and assign the 'challenge' for homework. 

Allow me to share this lesson with you.  I hope you find it as exciting as I do.  Now until Friday, Aug. 11th there is a sale on this lesson to celebrate it's role out! Enjoy... 

Click here for the Introduction to Sketchnoting lesson plan

on Teacher pay Teachers.