Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Art Ed Radio, A Reflection on Episode #66

If you haven't listened to Art Ed Radio today's the day to start. The Art of Education has provided a podcast about Art Education for several years now.  I love to listen (when I have time) and this morning was one of those times.  I love Andrew McCormick and Tim Bogatz.  The speak about what I'm passionate about, so this podcast is for me.

This morning I was listening to Episode #66 and had a couple of thoughts after.  Here ya go guys. 

Truly... I'm in love with perspective drawing and I don't care who knows it!  If you are a teacher who is not in love with perspective drawing, let me help you.  I'm quite passionate about it, and when you are excited to teach something, it's contagious. Click here for my TPT one-point perspective lesson.

Here's the deal, I adore Andrew and Tim.  I know that they have content on their Podcast to stir up emotion, passion, and controversy.  There are so many ways to teach Art, you just have to be passionate about how you teach it! If you care, so will your kids.  I agree with the podcast in so many ways.  I think we should reflect on our practice and know why we are teaching what we are teaching... but if you are passionate about a project, and it has a purpose... don't toss it out because someone disagrees. Do what you do best!! Teach Art the way you like to teach Art! 

Thanks AOE for the thought provoking message. 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Professional Development for Art Teachers

The end of the school year is near and we all know why Teachers choose their profession... to have the summers off... to invest in Professional Development!!! I'm excited to share some opportunities for you to join me this summer with several different presentations and classes both online and in person!

June 14th and 15th is Minnesota Arts Camp for Educators.  This event will take place in St. Cloud Minnesota. I will be presenting on June 14 talking about how to flip your classroom (recording your lessons ahead of time). I have a two-hour session so will have time to let participants learn about the practice and try it on their own in this hands-on session.  Click here to register

Resource Training and Solutions  offers lot's of sessions from Love and Logic to Seesaw in your classroom.  This facility is north of St. Cloud in Sartell Minnesota. I'm excited to be working with Resource training this summer on 4 different sessions... 

These are going to be very hands on with lots of opportunities to ask questions and work on your classroom needs.  Would love to see you there. Click here for Resource Training and Solutions

iPadpaloozaMN is happening again June 14th and 15th. I will be bringing my Sphero lessons to you during this very hands-on event.  If you have never attended this workshop, it's worth a venture to the Twin Cities. Check it out for yourself by clicking here.
July 20th, 2017 is an amazing opportunity online.  If you want to find all things STEAM, the EducationCloset is the place for you.  I will be presenting on learning about Spheros through play at this conference as well. I'm surrounded by some amazing Educators, so it's totally worth joining for the day.

Aug. 3rd is the ART ED NOW summer conference 2017. Again, I'm honored to present next to some amazing educators!!! 

I don't know if you have heard, but Sir Ken Robinson is the keynote speaker for this conference.  He has inspired me in so many ways in Art Education and Education in general.  I have had the privilege of seeing him in person once upon a time as he visited a TIES conference in Minnesota. WHAT AN AMAZING PERSON! I'm so excited to have my name on the same list of presenters as his. Be sure to join me for the Art Ed Now 2017 online conference.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Babble Dabble Do- Flextangles

My students know that MiniMatisse is a place where the Art Studio is celebrated, other schools/teachers can learn, and they find resources for outside of Art activities/learning.  In saying that, I'm posting this today because some of my classes will be working on this activity for their final project of the school year. If they want to make more of these at home, here is the link to finding the template and video.  Ana, the author of the blog Babble Dabble Do, Connecting Through Creativity is amazing!  Her blog is beautiful and JAM packed with great projects to learn from! 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

1000 Minutes of Summer Reading

I had a request from our AMAZING Media Specialist at Hassan Elementary to create a summer reading chart for the students of Hassan Elementary.  I thought I would share it with whoever would like to use it to encourage reading over the summer for your students. Enjoy! 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Tactile Texture Owl Necklace

I was talking about some air dry clay I bought at a curriculum meeting and a coworker, Tana Puppe, suggested I make clay owls.  She showed me some images of her K's work and I fell in love.  You know when your eyes are opened to something, you start seeing them everywhere.  Well, that is the case of the owls.  I started seeing them on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.  It seemed like the perfect project for my K's. Thanks for the inspiration, Instagram- @youngschoolartwithmr.g and Twitter- @merryksart (They are must follows)

At first glance, these appear a bit 'crafty' (dare I say it on an Art Blog), but really, they had much deeper meaning.  To introduce these owls, I had my students put their hands in a bag and guess what was inside.  We talked about Tactile Texture being something you can touch.

I gave the instructions to the clay in little bits.  I brought them to the carpet after every step of creating these sweet little treats. The lesson I created looked something like this (broke down a lot for the K's).

When adding the color, we found that spray paint worked the best.  Tempera cakes and watercolor were very wet and made the hardened clay get sticky. It kind of was a huge mess. So then I had them place their owls on their name tag and then put it on the tray that of their choice with three options of spray paint.  I sprayed them, put the plastic lace on, and glued the eyes and beak on.  This was more than I like to do with a students project, but it was so treasured by each student, as I knew it would be. It was worth it.

Students loved stringing the beads.  Some created patterns, but others went a little more freestyle. I still see the kids wearing them around the school, now two weeks later. 

If the kids got done early, they did a drawing of their necklace. There's always time for observational drawing! 

I was inspired by @claypithillart for the observational drawing idea.  Another 'must follow'.

Love this little project, and the kids did too!